Vinyl Grading

We take grading records very seriously and based on our many years of experience and very positive feedback from our customers, we are confident that our grading method reflects the condition and quality of the record you would expect to receive. Every record we sell has been graded and photographed 'as-is' and will be cleaned with a professional record cleaning machine before being shipped. We use the grading method as described below:


Grade Description
The record , cover and all inserts are in absolutely perfect condition. If there is even one flaw, such as the cover photo being crooked, the record is M- or Near Mint at best. We do not use this grade, even for sealed/new records.
The highest grade we use, as we believe there are no such things as “Mint” records. Full vinyl gloss. Label not faded. No signs of wear on disc or cover.
(Excellent ++)
Not quite M-, may have literally one or two very minor flaws; like a few very light hairlines seen under 200 WATT lamp,but no impact on audio.
(Excellent +)
Slightly better than EX. Has a few very minor flaws. Some very light hairlines seen under 200 WATT lamp,but no impact on audio.
Better than average. Has a few minor flaws, very minor label wear. Very little or no lessening of sound quality. The cover may have slight wear or creasing.
(Excellent -)
A bit better than average. Light scuffing, a few very light scratches (“needle scuffs”); little deterioration in sound. The cover may have a small seam split. Ring wear and/or seam wear may be more prominent.
(Very Good ++)
Not quite EX-; slight scuffing and possibly some graying in the grooves. No major deterioration in sound quality.
(Very Good +)
Only slightly better than average condition; the record has obviously been played. Light scuffs and some light scratches (“needle scuffs”) are visible. Only slight deterioration/distortion in sound.
(Very Good)
Average condition. Used but not abused. Scratches and hiss can be heard upon playback. Normal wear and tear on cover will be present in the way of split seams/spine or moderate to heavy ring wear. Generally worth 50% of Mint condition value.
(Very Good -)
Just slightly less than average, still a good record to play. Has numerous scratches and scuffs; a few “clicks” or “pops” and hiss will be heard upon playback. This is usually the lowest grade we use on eBay.
(Good +)
Good plus is just slightly better than Good. Sound quality is noticeably deteriorated.
Good is less than average. Has little or no original gloss, graying grooves, and heavy scratches, many of which are heard upon playback. Continual surface noise will be heard.
(Good -)
Less than Good. Record possibly/probably skips.
Fair / bad Possibly unplayable. Collection gap-filler.
Poor Usually cracked or broken, it is usually only good to fill a gap in a collection until a better one comes along. With very few exceptions (like a Robert Johnson 78 on Vocalion). Poor records are virtually worthless.