Roy Harper - Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion

Band/Record: Roy Harper - Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion

Label/Matrix: UK 1974 Awareness AWLD 1012

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/Mint-

Extra Info: Brilliant Roy Harper material !! Scarce album on the Aeareness label .... minty dream audio  ...

~~~ Until the BBC Live series came along, this was the lone album demonstrating Roy Harper's live show - and it is many people's favorite Harper album. Although I generally prefer the produced versions of most of his songs, there's no denying the power of these performances. "Highway Blues" is energetic and the delay on his vocals adds to the power. Excellent version of "Me and My Woman" as well. Finally, "One Man Rock and Roll Band" is simply amazing. "Commune" opens the album; it's not my favorite Harper tune, it's more of a folk song, and I generally prefer the version on VALENTINE. As for others, these are nice live versions of "Twelves Hours of Sunset," "All Ireland" and "South Africa," although I don't consider them improvements over the studio versions. I need to add that listening to the inbetween banter is a joy, Harper's interaction with the audience adds something special to the album. (Unlike, say, Volume 4 of the BBC Tapes, in which a bitter and angry Harper tells the audience that it's the last time he'll perform in England because, as he says, "I can't go on being a failure; it's grown beyond my mental capabilities. I studied it lots of years. But I must move on, to pastures greener or barren.")