Bazooka - Er is meer dan dit hier

Band/Record: 12" LP Bazooka - Er is meer dat dit hier

Label/Matrix: NL 1980 Rukpiloot VR 21542

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX+/EX

Extra Info: Dutch synth / cold wave MONSTER !! Original HOLLAND ONLY  private pressing on Rukpiloot Records ... On many want-lists nowadays ...

Bazooka were an experimenal, Dutch (minimal synth cold new wave ) band from Nijmegen with a.o Hans Dekkers (Das Wesen). They were around from 1979 to 1984. Bazooka were, like Vice, Mekanik Kommando and Das Wesen all bands from Nijmegen, and released a few hard to get (locally distributed) records. 'Is Er Meer Dan Dit Hier' was their first 6 track 12" LP from 1980. Very collectible material ...

Hans Dekkers   toetsinstrumenten, zang
Theo Hoek   gitaar, zang
Hans Freriks   toetsinstrumenten, zang
Peter Hoeks   basgitaar