Ausgang - Manipulate

Band/Record: Ausgang - Manipulate

Label/Matrix: UK 1985 FM WKFM LP 52

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: DARK WAVE GOTHIC KILLER !! Original U.K pressing on the FM label + BOOKLET. Very wanted album, on many want-lists nowadays ... Very hard to get ...especially in this condition ....

Here's another lesser known goth band although Ausgang gets more recognition these days. Originally formed in 1982 as Kabuki (one 7" release), the band released two 12"s and one 7" on Criminal Damage Records. As the label folded, Ausgang got signed to FM Records, a metal label. One 12", 'Hunt Ya Down' and this LP was released on this label, that didn't know how to market the band. Ausgang became Ausgang A-Go-Go and released another 12" and mini album on their own Shakedown label.
Ausgang are a great postpunk band with Stooges and Birthday Party influences.

1. Fat Vigilante
2. Pressed To Your Breast
3. Head On
4. Pumping Heart
5. Hope In Our Wake
6. Your Role Is To Tease As You Roll In The Lens
7. 4 Tin Doors
8. Girl Gristle
9. This Is Where I Was Meant To Fall
10. That Heat
11. Let Me Say, Then Have It Your Own Way
12. Crawling The Walls