Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant

Band/Record: Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Original Motion Picture Score

Label/Matrix: US 1968 United Artists UAS 5195

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX+

Extra Info: Original US press on UA ...minty ...dream audio ..

I suppose you could say that Arlo really did have a kind of "in" to the world of folk music, but of course he couldn't just go out there as Woody's SON, 'cause even though he WAS, the young Bob Dylan had already staked out that particular territory. And it would have been a lot more dubious for Woody's biological son to try to re-duplicate THAT shtick. Plus that shtick--as revered as it was by all and sundry in the late '60s--wekk, it was also a bit on the passe side.

When you take a listen to what we used to call SIDE TWO (i.e. all the non-"Alice" tracks), you realize too that despite his penchant for novelty (also exhibited on "Ring Around the Rosy Rag" and "The Motorcycle Song," he was also very much in tune with the post-folk-rock folkie thing. Of course, no one knew really knew how to arrange those songs back then either, and what SHOULD be lighter, airier fare, like "Higway In the Wind" comes off a little stodgy and overdone. But it's a sweet tune, nonetheless, and like "Chilling of the Evening" shows that he could do the requisite sensitive songwriter thing about as well as anyone else.