Annette Peacock - X-Dreams

Band/Record: Annette Peacock - X-Dreams

Label/Matrix: US 1979 Tomato 9239-7025

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX+/EX

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original US 1st press on the Tomato label ... wow .. EX+  dream audio ...

~~ ... after six years of silence, the British Aura label released “X-Dreams” with a stateside release the following year on the jazz-oriented Tomato label. “X-Dreams” is not a jazz album, despite (or perhaps because of) her respective marriages to jazz musicians Gary Peacock and then Paul Bley. For what she produced here sounded nothing like her previous solo outing. Every inch as defiantly non-traditional as it occupied a no-woman’s zone between jazz and rock with oozingly slow experimental funk trimmed with her vocal instincts pinballing between ancient blues, modern jazz stylings to outright pussy in heat purring. Resigning the instrumentation to a battery of both jazz and rock musicians, her songs are all carefully thought out ruminations regarding love, relationships and general man/woman workings that are astonishingly clear and simple as they are frighteningly insightful. Her voice is lies somewhere between Grace Slick at the Village Vanguard with masses of Maria Muldaur smouldering joining Patti Smith street smarts down on the corner. Great album ... check out the musicians:

Annette Peacock : vocals / piano
Chris Spedding : guitars
Mick Ronson : guitars
Kuma Harada : bass
Jeff Clyne : bass
Bill Bruford : drums
Peter Lemer : keyboards
Geroge Khan : sax