Amon Düül II - Hijack

Band/Record: Amon Düül II - Hijack

Label/Matrix: US 1974 ATCO SD 36-108

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX+/EX-

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original US 1st press on Atco .. wow ...EX+  dream audio

~~ Amon Duul II's Hijack is a rather difficult listen due to its mish-mash of conflicting styles from track to track, and it's sometimes questionable vocals, but it very a strong album, especially for trained prog-ears !! It plays out like a compilation of singles from different time frames. From the Papa was a rolling stone funk of De Guadaloop to the Bowie-like You're not alone this album gradually grew on me and I learned to like it. I guess I fell for the babelfish-like German to English lyrics and the quirky but quite talented arrangements. Weird, but GREAT ALBUM !!