Alex Chilton - Feudalist Tarts

Band/Record: Alex Chilton - Feudalist Tarts

Label/Matrix: FRA 1985 New Rose Rose 68

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original French 1st press LP on New Rose .. minty dream audio ...

~~ This is one of Chilton's later albums and includes more of his retro soul complete with the Stax legendary Memphis Horns duo.

Continuing our focus on the late Alex Chilton’s obscure and rare solo recordings, we now turn our attention to the 1985 EP Feudalist Tart.

In the early ‘80’s, Chilton moved from Memphis to New Orleans, and took an interest in that city’s jazz-oriented music scene. After a six-year absence from studio recording, Chilton reappeared revitalized on the six-song EP Feudalist Tarts in 1985. Gone were the sloppy devil-may-care tendencies of Bach’s Bottom and Like Flies On Sherbert. The older and wiser Alex Chilton showed remarkable restraint on these six jazz-influenced numbers, crooning confidently and playing rockabilly-style guitar amid tasteful horn arrangements. Although it was clear that Chilton had mellowed out considerably, the song “Lost My Job” showed just enough attitude to prove that he hadn’t lost his edge.  GREAT ALBUM !!