Afflict - Necromance

Band/Record: Afflict - Necromance

Label/Matrix: NL 1987 Stemra 12345

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: Dutch Garage Punk MONSTER !! Original private press LP + booklet .... wow ..minty dream audio ..

~~ Afflict was a hardcore punk band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is the 1st album, a private press released by the band in 1987. They did a 2nd album 'I Want It, I Need It' in 1989 on German label Dissonance.
Afflict sound quite original and have dark themes. It is heavy lyrical garage hardcore Punk ...awesome POWER !!  This LP comes with the booklet with lyrics and fine "darky" artwork. Bassplayer Scheet (Fart) played for Strelnikoff after the band split.

1. Necromance
2. Lowlife
3. Conform
4. Pathetics In Despair
5. Nouricyd
6. The Last Cry
7. Not All Vampires Suck Blood
8. Your Useless Life
9. Mistrust
10. In Darkness
11. The Hunt
12. Schizofraniac