Abattoir - Vicious Attack

Band/Record: Abattoir - Vicious Attack

Label/Matrix: NL 1985 Roadrunner RR 9788

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX/EX-

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original Dutch 1st press LP on Roadrunner ..wow .. ex top audio .. .

~~ The first half of the 80s was dominated by speed and power metal bands that were rising to challenge the power of the thrash metal. Among all the more or less well-known acts, we must remark the very good Abattoir from Los Angels because with just two albums, they were able to capture the attention of the speed metal aficionados all over America and Europe. Soon these two albums became cult also for their rarity. The first one of these two was called Vicious Attack and it came out in 1985. This album can be even considered a sort of an EP due to its short length but, instead, the band recognizes it as normal album.

The opening track “Screams from the Grave” is a fantastic attack of pure speed metal with up tempo, catchy riffs and truly powerful vocals. The energy that this track already transmits to us it's something incredible because you’ll find yourself doing headbang in awhile. The bass is pulsing, metallic and bound to the very first traditional metal style, the structure is simple, in your face, direct and fun as fuck! The production is quite clear for the period and all the instruments are powerful, well-distinguishable and nasty, introducing the following “Vicious Attack (Maniac)” that more or less follows the same impulsive touch of the first track. So, prepare for more up tempo, fast guitars duets and fast solos. Everything is surrounded by great vocals to give the right melodic but also angry touch.

“The Enemy” continues on drums up tempo to sustain this time more thrashy riffs even if the more melodic touch is bound to the classic power/speed style. The intensity is always on high levels and several gang vocals parts help in giving a truly nasty approach, before the good cover “Ace of Spades” that here is a bit more thrashy but always truly enjoyable, conserving that original epic and dirty touch. “The Living and the Dead” succeeds in being always good even if this time the tempo is a bit slower and, if we want, more canonical for speed metal because it’s a kind of faster mid-paced one to bring on its back lots of fast palm muting riffs with the classic dark touch. The vocals are calmer too but at times they reach higher peaks, but without the tonalities of the other tracks.

“Stronger than Evil” is a return to the classic speed with fast palm muting riffs and the fast bass drums sections. The short solo sections are fast and they don’t care a lot about the technique because it’s all about the speed, like the genre itself says. “Don’t Walk Alone” is more of the same impulsive style even if this time the structures have become a bit less catchy if we compare them with the ones on the first two/three tracks. However, it’s always a truly enjoyable speed metal attack like it is even for the last “Game of Death” that, anyway, has a bit more epic solutions to be darker too and catchier…the slower part comes by the middle and it’s normal for its quite considerable length, but it’s just a matter of seconds.

All in all, this is another very good speed metal album from the best period for this genre and it’s recommended to those who are searching for sincere music in a period in which the technique and the excessive speed seem to be the only important elements.