Disco, Modern Soul, Funk & Boogie

A Disco Symphony - Camouflage€18,00
Al Green - Have A Good Time (UK)€24,00
Alma Ata - Dreams€28,00
Ambergris - Ambergris€24,00
American Gypsy - Angel Eyes€40,00
Anarchic System - Generation€18,00
Anita Meyer - In The Meantime I Will Sing€18,00
Aquarian Dream - Fantasy€24,00
B.B. & Q. Band - Genie€20,00
B.T. Express - Do It 'Til You're Satisfied€20,00
B.T. Express - Energy To Burn€20,00
Bar-Kays - Flying High On Your Love€28,00
Barrabas - Heart Of The City€20,00
Barrabas - Piel De Barrabas€20,00
Barrabas - Power€16,00
Barrabas - Wild Safari€28,00
Barry White - Barry White Sings For Someone You Love€24,00
Barry White - Just Another Way To Say I Love You€20,00
Batti Mamzelle - I See The Light (UK)€60,00
Ben Sidran - Don't Let Go€18,00
Ben Sidran - Feel Your Groove€45,00
Ben Sidran - I Lead A Life€24,00
Ben Sidran - Live At Montreux€16,00
Betty Wright - Betty Travelin' In The Wright Circle€16,00
Betty Wright - Betty Wright Live€16,00
Betty Wright - Danger High Voltage (UK)€24,00
Billy Paul - When Love Is New€16,00
Black Blood - Chicano€35,00
Bloodstone - Unreal€18,00
Blue Feather - Let's Funk Tonight €15,00
Blue Feather - Let's Funk Tonight€35,00
Blue Feather - Shadows Of The Night€90,00
Blue Jays - Nascence€50,00
Bombers - Bombers€24,00
Bootsy's Rubber Band - This Boot Is Made For Fonk-n€18,00
Bossa Brasilia Band - Bossa Brasilia Band€45,00
Bossa Brasilia Band - Bossa Brasilia Band€40,00
Brainstorm - Funky Entertainment€24,00
Brainstorm - Journey To The Light€24,00
Brother To Brother - Let Your Mind Be Free€18,00
Buddy Miles Regiment - Sneak Attack€24,00
Buggles - Adventures In Modern Recording€24,00
C.J. & Co - Devil's Gun€20,00
Cerrone - Cerrone VII (cerrone's paradise) €18,00
Cerrone - Cerrone's Paradise€20,00
Cerrone - Love In C Minor€24,00
Cerrone - The Golden Touch (IV)€20,00
Cerrone 3 - Supernature€28,00