10,000 Maniacs - Blind Man's Zoo€30,00
Adrian Belew - Lone Rhino€18,00
Adrian Borland And The Citizens - Alexandria€50,00
Alan Vega - Collision Drive€35,00
Alex Chilton - Feudalist Tarts€24,00
Alex Chilton's - Lost Decade€35,00
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore The Machine€15,00
Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain€24,00
American Music Club - Engine€28,00
American Music Club - Mercury€50,00
Amon Düül II - Meetings With Menmachines €40,00
An Emotional Fish - An Emotional Fish€24,00
Anna Domino - Anna Domino€18,00
Annette Peacock - I Have No Feelings€45,00
Annette Peacock - X-Dreams€24,00
Annette Peacock - X-Dreams€28,00
Anthony Moore - Flying Doesn't Help€28,00
Antonius Rex - Anno Demoni€30,00
Antonius Rex - Magic Ritual€24,00
Bachdenkel - Сталинград (Stalingrad)€90,00
Bad Religion - No Control€35,00
Ballet Mécanique - The Icecold Waters Of The Egocentric Calculation€45,00
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field€24,00
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field (UK)€35,00
Bazooka - Er is meer dan dit hier€45,00
Beck - Guero€40,00
Beck - Mutations€80,00
Beck - One Foot In The Grave€45,00
Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure (US)€60,00
Beck! - Odelay€35,00
Beme Seed - Beme Seed€18,00
Bevis And Twink - Magic Eye€35,00
Beyond The Southern Cross - Beyond The Southern Cross €20,00
Big Country - Steeltown€16,00
Blue Movie - Hearts In Clubs€24,00
Bob Mould - Black Sheets Of Rain€30,00
Bowie - Diamond Dogs (UK)€45,00
Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts€20,00
Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (US)€50,00
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)€40,00
Brian Jones - Pipes Of Pan At Jou Jouka (UK)€80,00
Burning Tree - Burning Tree€24,00
Butthole Surfers - Hairway To Steven€28,00
Butthole Surfers - Piouhgd€28,00
Can - Can€28,00
Can - Rite Time€28,00
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Mirror Man€35,00
Captain Beefheart - Unconditionally Guaranteed€20,00