Ahmad Jamal - Jamalca€24,00
Albino Gorilla - Detroit Sounds€30,00
Andre Brasseur And His Multi-Sound Organ - Andre Brasseur And His Multi-Sound Organ€24,00
Batucada - Batucada€18,00
Ben Sidran - Don't Let Go€18,00
Ben Sidran - Feel Your Groove€45,00
Ben Sidran - I Lead A Life€24,00
Ben Sidran - Live At Montreux€16,00
Brasiliana - Com Os Cumprimentos Da Organizacao Philips Brasileira €18,00
Carnival - Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains €20,00
Cerrone - Love In C Minor€24,00
Coke - Coke€55,00
Data - Opera Electronica€16,00
De 5 Van De 4-Daagse (Original Soundtrack) - Pieter Verlinden€110,00
Denis Lopez Liquid Latin - Cinnamon Rock€70,00
Dennis Coffey - Back Home (UK)€28,00
Ernie Hines - Electrified€70,00
Exuma - Reincarnation€28,00
Giorgio - From Here To Eternity€45,00
Groove Holmes - Hunk A Funk!€20,00
Ingram - That's All! 12" €18,00
Isaac Hayes - Tough Guys€30,00
Johan Timman - Trip Into The Body€24,00
Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa OST€70,00
K.I.D. - Don't Stop€60,00
Keith Jarrett - Facing You€20,00
Kool & The Gang - Spirit Of The Boogie€28,00
La Bionda - La Bionda€24,00
Lenny White - Presents The Adventures Of The Astral Pirates€16,00
Les Shleu Shleu From Haiti - Shleu-Shleu€24,00
Love - Serve Remember€55,00
Lulu-Wena - A Rhapsody In Black€18,00
Manu Dibango - Electric Africa€24,00
Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa€28,00
Martinho Da Vila - Meu Laia Raia€24,00
Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - Ooh Ooh The Dragon And Other Monsters€24,00
Mike Longo - Talk With The Spirits€28,00
New Musik - Warp€18,00
Novac - The Fifth Word€35,00
Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film ,,More''€30,00
Pink Point - Pressmann And Roy€60,00
Pink Project - Pink Project (another brick in the wall) €24,00
Return Of The Living Dead - Part 2 €24,00
Robert Gretch - Guitare Fiction€30,00
Sagram - Pop Explosion Sitar Style!€60,00
Sapo - Sapo€60,00
Simtec & Wylie - Gettin' Over The Hump€45,00
Supermax - Fly with me€35,00