Soundtracks, Exotica, Library Music

Soundtracks, Exotica, Library Music
King Kong - Original Sound Track€14,00
Laurens Van Rooyen - Een Vlucht Regenwulpen €18,00
Led Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same (UK) €45,00
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (UK) €45,00
Let My People Come: The Original Cast Album: A sexual musical (Oh! Calcutta) €40,00
Maria Ostiz - Maria Ostiz€12,00
Marilyn Monroe - Remember Marilyn€22,00
Marlene Dietrich - At The Cafe De Paris€18,00
Martinho Da Vila - Meu Laia Raia€24,00
Massada - Pukul Tifa€22,00
Me, Natalie - Soundtrack by Henry Mancini €22,00
Michel Legrand - At Shelly's Manne-Hole€22,00
Michel Legrand - Michel Legrand€14,00
Michel Legrand - Wuthering Heights€15,00
Mick Jagger - Soundtrack Performance (UK)€24,00
Midnight Cowboy - Original Motion Picture Score€20,00
Novac - The Fifth Word€35,00
Oh! Calcutta! - The Amsterdam Calcutta Cast w/ Focus Thijs van Leer (focus)€28,00
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Wild In The Streets €35,00
Osibisa - Osibisa€18,00
Osibisa - Super Fly T.N.T.€24,00
Osibisa - Woyaya€16,00
Otto Ketting - Filmmusic For 3 Films By Bert Haanstra€28,00
Paco Pena - The Art Of Flamenco Guitar€20,00
Penelope - Penelope€12,00
Pery Ribeiro - Muito Mais Bossa€20,00
Peter Sellers And Sophia Loren - Peter And Sophia€18,00
Phenomena - Soundtrack Goblin €22,00
Phil Austin - Roller Maidens From Outer Space€15,00
Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi€30,00
Philip Glass - Powaqqats!€24,00
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds€24,00
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (UK)€50,00
Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film ,,More''€35,00
Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film ,,More'' (UK)€40,00
Popol Vuh - Nosferatu (Brüder Des Schattens - Söhne Des Lichts)€40,00
Queen - Flash Gordon (Original Soundtrack Music)€24,00
Ray Parker Jr. - Chartbusters€15,00
Return Of The Living Dead - Part 2 €24,00
Richard Chamberlain - Twilight Of Honor€18,00
Richard Myhill - Up Front€20,00
Robert Gretch - Guitare Fiction€30,00
Robert Wyatt - The Animals Film €28,00
Rock 'N' Roll High School - Rock 'N' Roll High School€15,00
Rocky - Original Motion Picture Score€12,00
Ron Geesin, Roger Waters - Music From The Body (UK)€50,00
Ron Geesin, Roger Waters - Music From The Body (UK)€45,00
Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra - Legend Of The Glass Mountain (studio 2) €24,00