Dutch Beat

Barry Hay - Only Parrots, Frogs And Angels€200,00
Bojoura - The Beauty Of Bojoura€28,00
Casey And His Group - Comin' Home€50,00
Continental Uptight Band - Beautiful Friendship€20,00
Cuby + Blizzards - Trippin' Thru' A Midnight Blues€60,00
De Maskers - De Maskers' Greatest Hits La Comparsa€20,00
Dirk Van Der Ploeg - Dirk Van Der Ploeg (from band ZEN)€45,00
Dizzy Man's Band - Dizzy Do Tickatoo€24,00
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag€24,00
George Baker Selection - Love In The World€18,00
George Baker Selection - Now!€24,00
Golden Earring - Winter-Harvest€40,00
Golden Earrings - Miracle Mirror€28,00
Golden Earrings - Miracle Mirror€65,00
Golden Earrings - Winter-Harvest€40,00
Group 1850 - Paradise Now€80,00
Group 1850 - Paradise Now€120,00
Johnny van Doorn - Oorlog En Pap€40,00
Les Baroques - Les Baroques Is Dead.. Long Live Les Baroques€30,00
Les Baroques - Les Baroques Is Dead.. Long Live Les Baroques€28,00
Livin' Blues - Hell's Session€50,00
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers - Meet The Monsters€20,00
Mr. Albert Show - Mr. Albert Show€150,00
O.P.M.C. - Amalgamation€160,00
Q65 - Greatest Hits€30,00
Q65 - Revolution€70,00
Ramses Shaffy - Sunset€110,00
René And His Alligators - Revived€18,00
Shocking Blue - At Home€50,00
Shocking Blue - At Home€70,00
Shocking Blue - Attila€120,00
Shocking Blue - Ham€200,00
Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance€170,00
Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance€80,00
Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance€80,00
Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance (club press)€60,00
Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance (FRA)€50,00
Tax Free - Tax Free (with wally tax & john cale) €60,00
Tee-Set - Emotion€35,00
The Best Of Bojoura - Jesus Christ Superstar€30,00
The Blues Dimension - You Can't Leave The Past Behind€80,00
The Motions - Electric Baby€70,00
The Outsiders - C.Q €45,00
The Perverts - Maybe Tomorrow€18,00
The Revells - The Jimmy Webb Songbook€40,00
The Shocking Blue - Live In Japan€45,00
The Tee Set - Join The Tea Set€40,00
Tielman Brothers - Little Bird€24,00