Aerosmith - Aerosmith€35,00
Aerosmith - Pump€35,00
Al Kooper & Shuggie Otis - Kooper Session; the songs€40,00
Al Kooper - A Possible Projection Of The Future/Childhood's End€18,00
Al Kooper - Easy Does It€16,00
Al Kooper - New York City (You're A Woman)€20,00
Al Kooper - You Never Know Who Your Friends Are€20,00
Albert Collins With The Barrelhouse - Live€35,00
Albert King - King, Does The King's Thing€18,00
Alex Chilton - Feudalist Tarts€24,00
Alex Oriental Experience - Fairytales And Promises€28,00
Alexis Korner - A New Generation Of Blues€40,00
Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre - On The Road To Freedom€28,00
Alvin Lee - RX5€20,00
Ambergris - Ambergris€24,00
Amboy Dukes - Marriage On The Rocks... Rock Bottom €30,00
Andy Fernbach - If You Miss Your Connexion€24,00
Appaloosa - Appaloosa€90,00
Armageddon - Armageddon€40,00
Atlantis - Atlantis €40,00
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You€120,00
B.B. King - Guess Who€20,00
B.B. King - In London€20,00
B.B. King - To Know You Is To Love You€18,00
Bad Company - Burnin' Sky€24,00
Bad Company - Run With The Pack€18,00
Bad Company - Run With The Pack€28,00
Bad Company - Straight Shooter€30,00
Barrelhouse - Barrelhouse€45,00
Barrelhouse - Beware..!€24,00
Barrelhouse - Hard To Cover€20,00
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Beck, Bogert & Appice€24,00
Big Brother And The Holding Company - How Hard It Is€30,00
Billy Workman - Billy Workman€50,00
Bintangs - Bintangs (1978)€30,00
Bintangs - Genuine Bull €40,00
Bintangs - Genuine Bull€35,00
Bintangs - Genuine Bull€40,00
Bintangs - Live Time€28,00
Bintangs - Night-Fighter€24,00
Bintangs - Rockfield Beauties€28,00
Bintangs - Still Going Strong€24,00
Black Oak - I'd Rather Be Sailing€16,00
Black Oak Arkansas - Street Party€20,00
Blue Cheer - Blue Cheer (UK)€70,00
Blue Cheer - Outside Inside€50,00
Bob Seger - Night Moves€24,00
Bob Seger - Seven€20,00