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Band/Record: Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts

Label/Matrix: US 1971 Charisma CAS 1051

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX/EX

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original US pressing on the Charisma label. Wow ..EX top audio ... 

~~ With the astounding Pawn Heart, VDGG has reached its peak artistically, although financially they were broke. This is Van der Graaf Generator's 4th album, and what many call their best. Here you'll find two songs around 10 minutes, and one 23 minute song.

This is a very unique release with traces of psychedelia and some jazzy saxophone bits. "Lemmings" begins with a happy sounding acoustic guitar riff, and goes through angry moods, and has some brilliantly emotional vocal work from Peter Hammill. The majority of this song is keyboard and saxophone driven and it contains a chorus sang in a rather odd way, but is quite memorable. "Man-Erg" begins like a beautiful piano ballad, but like in "Lemmings," we are mislead and we quickly go through many mood changes. Some parts of this song are chaotic and very dissonant, but it is intended as a moodsetter for insanity, so it works well. Brilliant saxophone sections are also present in this track.

And then the third song. The 23-minute epic, "A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers." It is split into 10 different sections. It begins with "Eyewitness," which starts out slow and spacey with calm vocals from Hammill. The organ then comes in as Hammill gets louder, and the mood rises until the section ends. "Pictures/Lighthouse" is more of an ambient and psychedelic section with the sounds of trains, water, and saxophones imitating foghorns. "Eyewitness" then returns for a very short time. "S.H.M." is a loud section with Hammill sounding like a maniac. "Presence of the Night" is an absolutely gorgeous section with quiet saxophone solos and a spacey mellotron riff. "Kosmos Tours" is utter chaos. It starts out sort of quiet until Hammill begins to shout. A keyboard riff is then repeated until the song slowly changes into completely disorganized mayhem. Once again, it sets the mood, so it works well with the song. "(Custard's) Last Stand" is another beautiful ballad section. Hammill sings just beautifully here. "The Clot Thickens" begins when the previous section suddenly explodes into complete noise and Hammill screaming for his life. This section never quiets down and keeps up a constant assault on your ears. "Land's End" this section is just piano and vocals. It is absolutely beautiful and works great with "We Go Now," a great concluding guitar solo, and ends the song happier and beautifully. A MASTERPIECE !!