Primal Scream - Evil Heat (UK)

Band/Record: Primal Scream - Evil Heat

Label/Matrix: UK 2002 Columbia 508923 1

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/Mint-

Extra Info: Fantastic 2LP Album ...  Original UK 1st press LP + inners  ... wow ... MINTY !!

~~ It may sound like a soundclash conceived by graphic designers in Hoxton, but Primal Scream’s Evil Heat is oddly fantastic. The plot this time is to streamline the massive sounds of 2000's superb Xtrmntr, and to combine two currently potent genres: raw, sexually charged electro and raw, sexually charged rock'n'roll. The key, as ever with Primal Scream, is their collaborators. Hence old mucker Andy Weatherall returns to the fold and turns "Autobahn 66" into a beautiful motorik meditation that simultaneously recalls their own Screamadelicaand the autobahn fantasies of Krautrockers Neu!. Meanwhile, My Bloody Valentine's genius leader Kevin Shields feeds most of the other tracks through his disorientation and distortion effects deck, so that even the most rudimentary New York punkers like "Skull X" and "City" sound originally twisted rather than mere homages.

In the midst of it all there's Gillespie, posing like fury, yelping the received wisdom of a thousand dirty rock biogs, far more camp than he can possibly conceive. But Evil Heat, perhaps accidentally, captures the paradox at the heart of truly great rock'n'roll: that the old myths and ideas can still be reinvented, sometimes as comedy, sometimes as revolution, sometimes as both simultaneously.--John Mulvey