Conemelt - Confuse and Destroy

Band/Record: Conemelt - Confuse And Destroy

Label/Matrix: UK 1995 Emissions Audio Output ‎SOP 007LP

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: Great album ... underground techno from the nineties .. yeah!  Great discovery ....

~~~I had no idea what to expect with this album. Not a clue!
Judging the cover i was expecting electronic / beats, or hip hop since it is a 1995 album. But what a nice surprise, instead I experienced ambient, minimalism with maybe a bit of dub-house techno in there. A nice album that glides from one track to the next.

Big Up the Conmelt/Overbite Nightmare’ was a really short track that hardly even got going. There were just clips of people talking mixed with a few synths and samples. The rest of Side Three was taken up by ‘Espionage’ .

The word ‘Espionage’ is defined as: the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. Again, like the rest of the album, the track didn’t really go anywhere or evolve into anything more interesting, just very repetitive. But then, maybe that’s what makes an effective dance track? At over 11 minutes in total, the track was too long and frankly, I just became disinterested by the end.

Despite claiming to be the BIG and clever track ‘BIG and clever Track’ wasn’t either adjective. Bit of a disappointment.

The album has potential but never quite reaches it, probably why Conemelt didn’t achieve any great success. However, it’s a good chilled out album, that would probably go on my revision music playlist.

Released in 1995 on Emissions Audio Output
Side One – ‘Misty Traincrash’, ‘Flashermac’
Side Two – ‘Cuckoo Clock Rock’, ‘Joys of Surface Noise’
Side Three – ‘Big Up the Conemelt/Overbite Nightmare’, ‘Espionage’
Side Four – ‘BIG and clever Track’, ‘Motorskating’, ‘Pushbutton Twist’.

Conemelt was an early 90s project Nathaniel Mellors Ashley Marlowe and Grant Newman.