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Band/Record: Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond

Label/Matrix: FRA 1972 Capricorn 47.503

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Original French 1st press LP on Capricorn .. minty dream audio ... top copy !!

~~ One of the more overlooked super groups in the history of rock, CAPTAIN BEYOND was formed by ex-DEEP PURPLE singer Rod Evans, ex-IRON BUTTERFLY guitarists Larry Reinhart and Lee Dorman, and ex Johnny Winter drummer Bobby Caldwell in 1972. The band only put out three albums, and never achieved more than a cult following, but they also managed to put out three strong albums of psychedelic guitar rock, reminiscent of a heavier PINK FLOYD at times. After their 1972 self-titled debut album, Caldwell quit and was replaced by Marty Rodriguez. With Rodriguez, the band produced a 1973 sophomore effort titled "Sufficiently Breathless", after which Evans departed and the band went on hiatus. It wasn't until 1976 that they returned, at which point Caldwell rejoined and Willy Daffern (who had previously played drums for a few bands) replaced Evans on vocals. Their third album, 1977's "Dawn Explosion" went largely unnoticed however, and the band folded shortly afterwards.

The group's best album has to be their first, which also featured an amazing album cover. Their sophomore effort "Sufficiently Breathless" has longer tracks, and is probably more progressive, but it falls short of the sheer firepower of the debut. As for "Dawn Explosion", well let's just say it went unnoticed for a reason.

CAPTAIN BEYOND will likely appeal to fans of HAWKWIND, as they play a similar brand of psychedelic hard rock (albiet a bit heavier). Anyone who enjoyed Rod Evans' work with DEEP PURPLE would also do well to check out the band's first two albums. That said, they never made anything truly essential in one's prog collection, and because of this, people not into their style of music should stay away from them altogether.