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Band/Record: Brian Eno-David Byrne - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

Label/Matrix: US 1981 Sire SRK 6093

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/EX

Extra Info: Fantastic Album .Original US 1st pressing on the SIRE label. Wow .. minty dream audio, top copy !!   VERY RARE !!

This is the classic, timeless and very rare Original 1st pressing of this album, which was Withdrawn worldwide for religious reasons; due to the track "Qu'ran" featuring spoken passages from the holy book; The Quran.  The track "Qu'ran" was omitted, and replaced by the track 'Very very hungry' on all later editions of this album, and all other further pressings worldwide. The track "Qu'ran" can only be found on this original 1st  !! pressing.

Album Art by Brian Eno and Peter Saville, who worked for Factory Records, and designed the Classic covers for Joy division, New order etc.

This is more of a dual album between Byrne and Eno as opposed to an Eno solo album. As some may know Brian Eno produced the highly acclaimed Talking Heads's album Remain In Light from 1980 and shortly after David Byrne and BE continued these wonderful riffs and themes associated on that classic album on My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Certainly a must have for any avid Talking Head's or Brian Eno fan.The album kicks off with the aptly entitled ' America Is Waiting' great drum beats, Byrne lyrics, Eno landscapes, Chris Frantz ( also of Talking Heads) on the drums. The bass playing is of such high quality on this album. To be honest I am not sure if it is the highly talented Bill Laswell or Busta Jones. Excellent either way. The album consists mainly of repetitive themes with hypnotic loops but each song covering a concept or story with largely political and religious undertones. The exorcism ritual on the 'Jezebel Spirit' is spine tingling in it's narritive and authenticity. You almost want to jump right in and help the sister out!

' Regiment' is another great song full of middle eastern influences. ' Help Me Somebody' is a cry of help from a drug infused state and as always the music fits perfectly with the delivery of Eno's soundscapes and Byrnes distinctive guitar licks.' Moonlight in Glory' is another great track. The album ebbs and fades with the overbearingly sombre instrumental ' Mountain Of Needles'.It is also worth mentioning Robert Fripp helps on arrangements on this masterpiece. It is little wonder when highly acclaimed musical publications have regarded this album as being one of the top 100 rock influencing albums of all time.Go out and get this if it happned to miss you by!