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Band/Record: Ariel Ramirez Misa Criolla - Navidad Nuestra Jose Carreras

Label/Matrix: NL 1986 Philips 420 955-1

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/Mint-

Extra Info: Fantastic Album !! Mega rare Holland only vinyl pressing on Philips ... Soooo Scarce, not many around and simply the best audio there is ....

The music lifts one to celestial heights. Jose Carreras executes this masterpiece with such great artistry and sensitivity. His voice is a gift from God. Ariel Ramirez is a genius in combining traditional Latin American themes with classical overtones.

This recording was made in a small village church in Spain, well known for its wonderful accoustics.
The more quiet passages suit his voice to perfection. But the whole record is wonderful. Everything has been done to stay true to the originality of this music. Instruments were especially brought from Argentina. And both the choice of the curch (the Santuario de la Bien Aparecida, Cantabria, Spain) and the choir (the Sociedad Choral de Bilbabo) add to the perfect presentation of the music by Ramirez.

The dedication not only by Carreras himself, but the musicians and all the singers.
I admit that José Carreras has one of the loveliest voices I know. His lyrical tenor goes straight to my heart. To me a tenor does not have to sing out with the highest and strongest of voices which seem to so often be considered the top achievement by tenors.

I'm not alone. Herbert von Karajan favoured Carreras as well. Do listen to José Carreras' version of the "Flower Aria" from Carmen in a recording conducted by von Karajan in Berlin in 1984. There is no crescendo ending here. Instead those last tones disappear slowly, slowly into the slightest touch of a whisper. The clearest bells softly tuning out.

In Misa Criolla listen to track 5 "Agnus Dei". In "Navidad Nuestra" track 9, "El Nacimiento" is incredibly beautiful.

I have been told that Spain has no real Christmas carols and that Misa Criolla can be viewed as exactly that. Or rather in particular "Navidad en Verano" (track 6), written for a tenor solo and a mixed choir of 5 voices. A Christmas song praying for peace on earth, an earth which is warm yet covered with snow.

Highly recommended !!