Folk & Folk-rock

Josine Van Dalsum - Ik Ben Er Zomaar€45,00
Kansas City Jammers - Got Good€130,00
Kevin Coyne - Blame It On The Night€24,00
Kevin Coyne - Marjory Razorblade€24,00
Kevin Coyne - Marjory Razorblade (UK)€40,00
Kevin Coyne - Matching Head And Feet€22,00
Kingfish - Kingfish€18,00
Kladivo, Konj In Voda -Vidov ples€60,00
Larry Coryell - The Real Great Escape €18,00
Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares - Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares€18,00
Leon Russell - Carney (UK)€24,00
Leonard Cohen - Live Songs (UK)€20,00
Leonard Cohen - New Skin For The Old Ceremony€30,00
Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room€24,00
Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room (UK)€28,00
Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen€24,00
Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen€24,00
Lily & Maria - Lily & Maria€80,00
Link Wray - Beans And Fatback (UK)€40,00
Link Wray - Link Wray (UK)€80,00
Louise Forestier - Louise Forestier€18,00
Magna Carta - In Concert€30,00
Magna Carta - Seasons€40,00
Magna Carta - Seasons (UK)€24,00
Magna Carta - Seasons (UK)€120,00
Magna Carta - Songs From Wasties Orchard€28,00
Malicorne - Malicorne 4€24,00
Marc Benno - Minnows€28,00
Marc Ellington - Rains/Reins Of Changes€85,00
Maria Ostiz - Maria Ostiz€12,00
Marian Segal With Silver Jade - Fly On Strangewings€40,00
Matthews Southern Comfort - Later That Same Year€18,00
Matthews Southern Comfort - Second Spring€22,00
McDonald And Giles - McDonald And Giles€35,00
McGuinness Flint - Rainbow (UK)€35,00
Melanie - Candles In The Rain€35,00
Michael Chapman - Deal Gone Down€18,00
Michael Chapman - Fully Qualified Survivor (UK)€70,00
Michael Chapman - Rainmaker (UK)€60,00
Michael Chapman - Savage Amusement€18,00
Michael Chapman - The Man Who Hated Mornings€22,00
Michael Chapman - The Man Who Hated Mornings (UK)€24,00
Michael Chapman - Window€70,00
Michael Chapman - Wrecked Again€50,00
Michael Rabon & Choctaw - Michael Rabon & Choctaw€18,00
Michelle Shocked - Short Sharp Shocked€18,00
Michelle Shocked - The Texas Campfire Tapes€18,00
Mickey Newbury - Looks Like Rain€45,00